Marina Rossi

Marina Rossi is a freelance digital curator, event producer and content creator. Advocate for diversity and accessibility. She often applies agile practices and design thinking frameworks. Co-founder and event director at Game Happens, a nonprofit association based in Genova (Italy) focused on the social and cultural impact of games. Senior editor at Papille – Una fettina di cultura al limone, an Italian webzine about digital culture. With a Master’s Degree in ICT, she has been part of the game industry since 2009, working as a game designer, producer and communication strategist.


Introduction to Visual Storytelling: From Presentations to Reports

[Effecinque]October, 2020 @ OnlineRole: Speaker

Game Design 101

Game Design 101. Learn from games to create playful and persuasive services and products.… Continue reading Game Design 101

Chips&Salsa 2019

Role: Event Producer… Continue reading Chips&Salsa 2019

Open Days dell’Innovazione 2019

Open Days dell’Innovazione è organizzato da Innovazione per lo Sviluppo e TechSoup Italia. Innovazione per lo Sviluppo è un programma rivolto al mondo dell’innovazione e della cooperazione internazionale promosso da Fondazione Cariplo e Compagnia di San Paolo. … Continue reading Open Days dell’Innovazione 2019


2018 – 2020 (Effecinque) Contributor at SkyTg24

Orientamenti: Game Designer

[Orientamenti 2018] November 18, 2018 @ Biblioteca De Amicis, Genova Role: Speaker Link Orientamenti: Game Designer

Innovazione per lo Sviluppo

Role: Content Manager (September 2018 – Current)… Continue reading Innovazione per lo Sviluppo

The Impact of Curation

This talk covers the five-year experience in curating Game Happens, an international festival which proudly presents itself with a manifest and a code of conduct.… Continue reading The Impact of Curation

Project Manager: Uno, nessuno e centomila

This workshop about the tools and techniques useful for every project manager. … Continue reading Project Manager: Uno, nessuno e centomila

Think Like a Game Designer 2017

An introduction to game design in order to apply game design frameworks and processes to communication and marketing projects.… Continue reading Think Like a Game Designer 2017

Chips&Salsa 2017

Chips&Salsa is a conference focused on journalism as a path towards innovation and democracy.… Continue reading Chips&Salsa 2017

What Remains of Game Design

This lecture analyses What Remains of Edith Finch and The Unfinished Swan and reflects on the game design process, especially during a game jam (from rapid prototyping to early testing.… Continue reading What Remains of Game Design

Game Happens – On Stage

The theme of the fourth edition of Game Happens – On Stage – is a statement: a game can happen everywhere, at any time, and every space can be a stage of your interactive world. … Continue reading Game Happens – On Stage

Gender Me Softly

This workshop presents the current state of the games industry, analysing case studies, looking at how gender is represented in games.… Continue reading Gender Me Softly

Gender Me Softly: or Why on Earth Should I Worry about Gender in Game Design?

A perspective on how gender roles influence the game design process. As creators, we have a responsibility and we should always keep in mind the effects of our artefacts, and we should try to understand how they impact on our world. This workshop will highlight some bad and good practices in game design with a focus on how gender is represented in games. … Continue reading Gender Me Softly: or Why on Earth Should I Worry about Gender in Game Design?

Think Like a Game Designer 2016

A seminar aboout the fundamental building blocks of game design. … Continue reading Think Like a Game Designer 2016